Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Holy Toledo! Here we go again, Buckaroo.

Yes, it's been more than a year and a quarter since I last posted. On my previous blog, that is. For what it's worth i didn't really draw much during that period (let's just say I was distracted), but I'm back in the saddle and hoping to actually get a little serious about this whole drawing thing.

For that reason I'm sort of starting over. The old blog is still around but I wanted a fresh start, so here it is.

When you draw for a living you do whatever pays the bills for a large portion of that time and believe you me, I'm no exception. I am going to try, however, to move the work that I do more towards the things that I'm actually interested in. Don't get me wrong, if I'm getting paid to draw it, I'm interested. The truth, however, is that some things are more fun to draw than others. So here's to the fun stuff and to fitting it in as much as possible.

First off, however, are a couple of sketches to sort of get my dormant drawing brain back into gear. I'm working on some paying jobs at the moment but I'm trying to find an hour or so each day (or more if I feel I can justify it, or if I'm overwhelmed with the desire to procrastinate) to just draw whatever my heart desires. I've got some ideas for building a new portfolio but to start with I've just got to get into the groove again. These are my first efforts.

Thanks for peeping.

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