Friday, May 30, 2008

Neither Man Nor Hat (I gotta move on to a new subject line)

More hollywood likenesses. Oh joy. This first one is another oldie but not quite goldie. I want to color it at some point but have no idea when I might possibly find the time. I'm such a spazzoid attention deficit junkie when it comes to art - I give my total focus to one thing for a day or three, then suddenly switch to some other thing for a few days, then another and another. It's tiresome. I've got like fifty thousand things that are "in progress". What the hay!? It keeps life from getting boring I suppose...

The second two images are from another of my spazzoid brain's projects. I have wanted to do my own version of a Rocketeer movie poster for a long time now, say 10 years or more. It would make a good portfolio piece for me - if I ever finish it. So for anyone familiar with the Rocketeer, I give you Cliff Secord and Neville Sinclair. These were done utilizing some of my more recent tricks (all of which I shall keep in my magic hat for now - not that it's too hard to figure out). Happy drawing!

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Rich Faber said...

I've told you what I think about the Rocketeer stuff already, but for the sake of public consumption, I'll say again, nice likenesses, Mike!

I also think you did a fantastic job on ol' Liam!

By the way, I just read a bunch of posts in a row, and your writing style is almost as entertaining as talking with you on the phone. Almost. I miss the funny voice. ;-)