Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's February already!!

Zoiks! 2008 involved a lot of thumb twiddling. 2009? Looking better. During the thumb twiddling I managed to work on a few things, so here are a few of the few.

Yeah, it's a bird. Riveting, I know.

This one? A little more fun. Far from perfect but good practice.

More fun. I started coloring this one and got busy, so colors at some later date.

I snagged a fun gig doing a comic book for the US Army (yes, that's fun for me. Go figure), so I'll share some of that soon.


Anonymous said...

So , you posted these a month ago, but wanted to add my 2 cents.
Bird is awesomely realistic, took me a moment to realize it wasn't a photograph.

Very cool Army drawings. I like the retro look.
It's great that you got the "Army comic" gig. While moving recently, I discovered some stuff from when I was in the Army 20 yrs ago, and lo & behold, I have a comic book style manual for the M-16 rifle (issued to me by my Uncle Sam) done by none other than Will Eisner.

Too bad that the average guy on the street , like me, probably won't be able to score one of these comics you're doing for them now.

Keep up the posting,
Some of us do enjoy checking them out & getting inspired by them.

Michael Penick said...

Thank you very much Emilio. It's sort of scary for me to think that I was in the Army 16 years ago. Holy Moly! Where does the time go?

Will Eisner was a teacher of mine for two years, so I'm familiar with some of that old Army work. He served for a while as well. I miss Will - he was a great teacher.

I'll see if I can't post some of the Army stuff today.